Tracy E Leonard

Tracy E Leonard

I grew up in New Jersey, exit 4 off the Turnpike. I don't know why people think that's funny. New Jersey has some very nice parts. As a kid, I always loved writing stories. When I got serious about music, writing was moved to the back burner. I became a professional French Horn player. After 30+ years of playing the horn, my lips are about to fall off. Looking ahead, I'd like to turn on the burner and stir the sauce, and dig into writing again. Adding all the spices I've accumulated over the years, I'm thinking it will be highly consumable.

Expertise people, music, sports, food, movies

Skills Knowledge of social media use (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), Photoshop, telling a good story, tennis, pickleball.

Location Naples, FL, USA



Phone 239 272 9720